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Frametastic Photo Labs

28" x 20" Frame with 24 x16 Print

€75 Single Mount, 34/45mm Reverse Bevelled

€76 Double Mount, 34/45mm Reverse Bevelled

€88 Single Mount, 54mm Lincoln Reverse

€90 Double Mount, 54mm Lincoln Reverse

€65 Single Mount, 33.30 mm solid Ash frame

€66 Double Mount, 33.30 mm solid Ash frame

€65 Single Mount, 20/40mm Economy

€68 Double Mount, 20/40mm Economy

28″ × 20″ Standard Framed Print. We will print your image on high quality photo paper. We will then mount and frame your picture to your requirements.

Please note that this Framed Print product consists of a 24″ × 16″ print with a mount that effectively adds an additional 2" to each edge. The width of the frame adds additional width to the outer edges of the mount.

After you have uploaded and saved your image, you will need to select the following on the ‘Your basket’ page:

  • Paper type
  • Mount Type
  • Mount Colour
  • Frame Type
  • Frame Colour
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